The band welcome their new Musical Director Stephen Tighe!

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

25/08/18 12:45 The Kippax Band is delighted to announce that Stephen Tighe has accepted the band’s invitation to become their new Musical Director from September 2018. With over 40 years’ experience of the music industry, and performances with some of the country’s top bands as both a trombonist and Music Director, Kippax are confident that Stephen has the calibre to lead one of the world’s oldest brass bands back to success into 2019 and beyond.

Although a wealth of applications for the position were very flattering to Kippax Band, an extensive audition process has meant a period of transition, and every member of the band is keen to enjoy a new focused direction into the autumn and Christmas season. Stephen was clearly the preferred candidate in a process where every registered player was invited to give their feedback. He will be welcomed into the bandroom in September; albeit to commence some hard work and focused attention!

Chairman Colin Moss commented, “For my part, I was impressed immediately by Stephen’s ideas for improvement in the band’s performances, and this was clearly born from acute and intelligent observations of the fundamental things we need to work on as a band. I believe that his vast experience over a variety of musical genres will make for great concert performance, and his solid calibre as a brass bandsman, will allow us to build for contest success. I am very much looking forward to working with him, and I know my colleagues are too”.

Stephen said “It was a bit of a last minute decision to apply for this role and I am happy to accept. After having set up Allegro Optical Ltd (The Musician’s Opticians) and recovering from the complications of an operation that went wrong in 2017, I feel refreshed and ready to work hard to re-establish the band's credentials. I have more free time now than I previously had and I will be trying out some new ideas in the concert work arena”.  ”I feel the time to put something back into grass roots banding after a career in the upper echelons, is here”.

Kippax Band will be welcoming Stephen to the bandroom for rehearsals in the autumn, and it is planned that his inaugural concert as our official Musical Director will be at the cabaret weekend 13th/14th October 2018.

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